Fanola No Yellow Lightening Cream 500gr

Anti-gul violett blekkräm. Förstärkt med violetta mikropigment för en antigul effekt. Ljusar-upp på ett gradvis och balanserat sätt, vilket lämnar håret mjukt, skyddat och glansigt.

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  • SIZE: 500 gr
  • FORMULA: delicate, silica and titanium dioxide free
  • ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: Cranberry extracts with antioxidant properties
  • ACTION: lifts by minimizing the yellow effect
  • LIFTING POWER: up to 7/8 tones
  • APPLICATION: easy and safe with more grip on the hair
  • SUITABLE FOR: all lifting techniques MIX: 1:2 with Fanola peroxides at 10-20-30-40 vol
  • NON-FLAMMABLE USE Wear disposable plastic gloves in all preparation, application and rinsing stages. Manipulate the packaging to make the content uniform and pour the amount required (20 to 50 gr), by adding the Fanola peroxide emulsion (1+2 dilution) in a non-metal bowl. Mix it using a spatula or a brush to achieve a creamy and homogeneous texture. Do not apply the product on the scalp when highlighting. It is recommended to apply a barrier cream. Make sure the hair does not rest on the face while processing. After processing time, rinse the hair thoroughly and shampoo.


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